Pet Friendly


Pet Friendly

We are a “Pet-Friendly” hotel, just like you we love our pets, however, we must establish rules that allow the happy coexistence between the guests and the pets that visit us. It is $25 per night per pet. The maximum number of pets per room is 2, this varies according to the size of the pet, if it is a large pet, only one pet per room, only in some room categories pets are allowed, check before booking. When making your reservation, you must tell us that your pet will accompany you if it is possible to attach a photo of your pet and information about its breed, size and current weight. That way we can assign you a room suitable for your needs.

You are responsible for your pet during your stay at the hotel and out of respect for other guests, their presence is not allowed in closed areas such as the restaurant, lobby bar, lobby and inside the pool. In outdoor areas such as gardens and swimming pools, the pet must always be on its chain. (To avoid bothering other customers and for security).

If your pet is a disability service dog or pet and or emotional support companion, please send the documents and have them handy in order waive the pet fee. The document should specify the pets name and service role serving.

We have an outdoors area, in which your pet must relieve itself and the owner is responsible for collecting and disposing of them properly. (at reception you can ask for collection bags).

Behavior inside the room, if you leave your pet inside the room, please consider the damage that it may cause since these will be charged to your account, if you leave the pet you must inform reception of your estimated time of return. The ideal in these cases is that you travel with your kennel * (pet cage).

IMPORTANT: You must take into account that when you arrive at the reception, a block will be made on your credit card for the amount of $150.00 dollars, this is for guarantee of the room upon leaving the room is checked if there is any damage in it For the pet, the blockade will be charged, damages in which the collection could be generated.

  • Make his needs in the room.
  • Makes his needs in bed.
  • Pees on the bed and bed sheets.
  • If pet damages part of the furniture in the room.
  • If pet breaks a pillow.

In this case or others in which the room suffers some damage due to carelessness of the pet, we will apply the charge of $150 on the blocking of your reservation. When passing through the common areas of the hotel, dogs must be controlled by their owners using a leash or cage.Each owner is responsible for the behavior of their pet once entered the hotel and responsible for any damage or breach of the rules established here.By signing on the following line, you authorize the hotel and accept that if there is any damage in the room caused by the pet, the amount of the guarantee will be deducted by $150.00 on your card.