Riande Hoteles Group history begins with the Hotel Riande Urban, founded by Don Ildefonso Riande Peña (RIP) and wife, on November 14, 1969, being one of the first and most important hotels in the city of Panama. Years later, the Hotel Riande Aeropuerto was acquired, with a strategic location just 3 minutes from the Tocumen International Airport. Today, 52 years later the chain Riande Hoteles, symbol of Panamanian hospitality, maintains its leadership and philosophy established by its founder, Mr. Ildefonso Riande; to whom an extraordinary vision is attributed.

Currently the hotels continue with a family administration and maintain their tradition and infrastructure with a new and dramatic remodeling design made in 2013 which represents the launch of a new and modern branding for both hotels. In 2019, Riande Hoteles will celebrate 50 years of experience in the Panamanian hotel industry!


“Hospitality professionals, passionate about service, committed to the full satisfaction of our guests, the generation of shared wealth and corporate social responsibility.”


“Excellent hosts, we exceed the expectations of our guests, creating magical moments and memorable experiences.”


Innovative leadership

We are proactive and creative people, we break paradigms, we think differently, we see problems as opportunities.

We delight our guests

We love working with and for people, we are aware of their needs and we satisfy them in the best way.

Commitment and belonging

We always give the best of ourselves, we are proud to belong to the Family of Riande Hotels.


We are aware that each of us is a link in the chain of success, we do things with collective efficiency.

Integrity and Honesty

We are honest people with ourselves and with others, we promote respect for other people's goods and we tell the truth.

Environmental Responsibility

We are people committed to the conservation of the environment, we promote sustainable actions on the part of our guests.


Employment opportunities