Pet Friendly


Pet Friendly

We are a "Pet-Friendly" hotel, just as we love pets we must establish rules that allow happy coexistence between guests and the pets that visit us. Rate per nights has a value of $ 15.00 per night per pet, additional a single cleaning fee of $ 30.00 for the total stay. *These rates are subject to change without further notice. When making your reservation, please indicate that your pet will accompany you and provide information about your breed, size and current weight. So we can assign you a room suitable to your needs. Riande Hoteles is able to receive pets (Dogs and cats) up to 50 pounds and of breeds that are considered friendly and that do not represent a risk for children or adults staying at the hotel.

You are responsible for your pet during your stay at the hotel and out of respect for the other guests, the presence of the pet is not allowed in closed areas such as a restaurant, lobby bar, lobby and inside the pool. In outdoor areas such as gardens and swimming pools, the pet should always be with its chain. (To avoid inconvenience with other customers and for everyone’s safety).

We have an external area, ideal for your pets bathrooms needs keep in mind the owner of the pet is responsible for collecting and properly disposing of them. (Ask for collection bags at front desk).

Behavior inside the room: if you leave your pet inside the room please consider the damages that it may cause as these will be charged to your account, if you leave the pet you must inform the reception of your estimated time of return. We recommend you travel with your kennel * (Pet cage).

When traveling through the common areas of the hotel, pets must be controlled by their owners through the use of a leash or kennel.

Each owner is responsible for the behavior of their pet once entered into the hotel and responsible for any damage or breach of the rules set forth herein.