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Booking Riande Granada
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Our Chefs

David Quesada Pascual


Ever since 2010, Riande Hoteles has been home to the culinary creativity and talent of young chef David Quesada Pascual, of Catalan origin, who has brought a new fusion concept to our cuisine. He studied at Escuela de Hostelería Joviat Manresa in Barcelona, Spain. His extensive knowledge of the culinary art and his natural taste for fusions led him to create a gourmet menu based on a combination of national and international cuisine. At the early age of 22, Chef Quesada became a professor at Escuela Culinaria Hofmann in Barcelona, España; an international institution which was awarded 1 Michelin star. In this prestigious school, he taught cooking and baking for 8 years. Among his achievements, it’s worth mentioning the award for “The Best Dessert Menu” from Gourmetour Guide. In 1997, he took his first steps towards hospitality by creating all the pastries offered at Infanta Cristina de Borbón bachelor’s party, held at Hotel Rey Juan Carlos (catalogued as a 5 star Grand Luxury Hotel).

Today, Chef David Quesada Pascual is the Executive Chef at Riande Hoteles and partner of Xoco Art, company which specializes fine European pastry and bakery.

Alfonso Victoria Riande


Chef Alfonso Victoria Riande is the Executive Chef of Solo Restaurant. Solo Restaurant is located in Riande Granada Urban Hotel, hotel which, together with Riande Aeropuerto Hotel, Casino & Resort  belongs to Riande Hoteles; the chain with largest hotel tradition in Panama. Solo Restaurant specializes in ‘Cocina de Autor’ and Asian and European haute cuisine. Alonso Victoria studied hospitality at Universidad Sant Pol, Sant Pol del Mar in Barcelona, Spain; and haute cuisine at Escuela de Hostelería Hofmann in Barcelona, Spain. He interned at the prestigious Restaurante Hofmann, a 1 star Michelin restaurant. Later, he specialized in dietary cuisine, regional cuisine, restaurants protocol, and modern and Mediterranean cuisine at Escuela Bell Arts in Barcelona, Spain.